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Matching Underwear sets

à la Belle De Jour (also fueling my interest in a pair of Vivier/Ferragamo Flats).

Only you would know,

but there's something about feeling really put together when you've got matching underwear on.

Was happy to get some cute matching sets from Calvin Klein

(Envy Lace Set via Netaporter)

and simple Cosabella for J.Crew sets

(Felicia Soft Bra Set).

These two kinds are really the best!


Speaking of cute undergarments,

I used to Intern for lovely Enikö 

when she was the design director at Mayle.

Now she's launched her own line of lingerie,


and it's really worth taking a look.




Chanel Sycomore

Inspired by a Sycomore tree,

a great winter scent


Big bouquets 

to break apart,

give one flower to someone else


Since it's always better to give anyway,

What is your favorite kind of present?

I still love this article from the first issue of The Gentlewoman,

61 Tips for Great Giftgiving:


The Gentlewoman

The Gentlewoman

The Gentlewoman



{Illustration and Handwriting by me. Calvin Klein Set, Chanel Perfume and Bouquet Flower Photos by me. Film Still from Belle de Jour, J.Crew Set and Bazsarózsa lookbook images taken from those sites respectively. The Gentlewoman tearsheets from Issue No.1, scanned by me.}



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