She's just a tease



How do you wear your hair?



My usual is a side part. It's funny because if I even change it to the slightest bit to the center,

everyone is all, What did you do different? New haircut?


I've been trying different hairstyles thanks in part to

youtube tutorials, obsession with all of those 40's themed editorials coming out,

my usual francophile tendencies and this cute barrette that Andrew got me:



By Decade

(Here on top of a card from Alicia and the new Print Magazine - Thank you for sending it to me)




It's made by Sylvain Le Hen, available at Creatures of Comfort.

Style No. 21, it also comes in red, silver or teal

and makes for the best side ponytail I've ever had.


My favorite hairstyle as of late has been a half up Brigitte Bardot up-do

and it's actually pretty easy! 

Andrew used this kind of hair for a shoot he did this week and snapped

some pics of the hairstylist

(Hairdresser on Fire: Damian Monzillo) doing it up.

Here's how, it's just a little teasing and pinning:



{THE ILLUSTRATED TUTORIAL No.1: Brigitte Bardot Hair Tutorial - All Handwriting and Illustrations by me. Barrette Photos by me, All Tutorial Photos by Andrew. Top Hair Photos and Brigitte Bardot photos from miscellaneous sources on google images.}



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