In our kitchen, at any given time, there is always an orange with its rind halfway peeled off because of all the end of day whiskey drinks we make every so often.

Somewhere along my multifarious past, there was a point where I was a girl who carried around a flask of Makers Mark out to parties. Then along the way, I learned from a metalhead boy that the best whiskey is Buffalo Trace, where to this day a bottle of this has also become a staple in our apartment.

Whiskey is best straight up on ice, letting the ice melt down into the drink. Done properly, whiskey can be a very elegant drink with just a few things added. 

My favorite whiskey drink is an Old Fashioned, especially when it's served in a proper short glass (so wishing I had the Deckard glass used in Blade Runner!) with an extra large ice cube.

We found we could easily re-create this kind at home; thanks to an ice cube tray designed to make large cubes, a bottle of bitters from across the street at Marlow and Daughters and an orange.



1 orange slice or a peeled orange rind 

3 dashes Angostura bitters or aromatic bitters

2 ounces bourbon or rye Whiskey

1 large icecube using Tovolo King Cube Icecube Tray

Place orange slice/peel and bitters in an old-fashioned glass (optional: You can also add a tiny bit of brown sugar). Gently muddle. Add the whiskey of your choice, along with a large ice cube or two, and stir well, about 20 times. Makes one drink.

Optional Garnishes:  a dash of club soda, another orange slice/peel or a cherry.


When we were in Paris, I had the most beautiful whiskey drink that I've ever had at Bar Hemingway in the Ritz. I told the bartender I loved whiskey so he made a wintery version of an Old Fashioned for me, with dashes of cinnamon and honey.

At Bar Hemingway, all of the women get a fresh flower in their drink.

Whiskey with a giant pink flower floating in it, was heavenly.

 Hoping your New Years is just the same.


BAR HEMINGWAY15, Place Vendôme 75001 Paris

{All Illustrations and Photos above by me. Cheers!}