It was love at first sight with Paris, once the light hit the buildings. The way the sun stays at a certain angle like no other and shines onto the varying pale shades of the ancient limestone, I think about how what everyone told me is true, this IS the most beautiful city in the world.

Dear New York, could I ever love another city?

Something I've been asking myself for awhile and the answer I've found is,


Saying it all, I picked up this little Dior "Oui" Ring in Paris, bundled up and walking on past the Concorde through the Champs Elysee with Hot Chocolate onto the decked out Avenue Montaigne in all of it sparkly Holiday splendor. The Dior Joaillerie Boutique was a fancy experience all the way down to the fountain pen they used to sign the official certificate. Experiencing those kinds of highs to the same day laid back charms of simply wandering around the Marais looking for shops and galleries, getting lost in those tiny streets was actually my favorite part of it all.

I loved St. Germain just as much. We stayed there in a hotel that was right across the street from Serge Gainsbourg's apartment, now covered up in layers of graffiti. We slept in a tiny room with exposed wood beam ceilings and large french windows that opened up to a classic cast iron window gate you could sit along side of. L'Epicerie d'Olivier Pitou flanked one end at the street and on the opposite end was Eric Kayser, which made for simple but incredible breakfasts of croissants and fresh yogurt in a glass jar. All eaten en route to start the day off early with a museum.

So now every time I look down at this ring, I think of last week, when all was wonderfully right...


Being able to see Paris through my own eyes was amazing. 

I've got tons of photos to sort through, a moleskine watercolor book full of sketches, a stomach so content from gastronomical feasts, a stack of new books and inevitably, I had to buy an extra suitcase for all of the clothes and accessories I stocked up on... 

Mon Dieu!

Dries Van Noten was right around the corner from where we stayed as was Isabel Marant on Rue Jacob. I found that Rue De Bac followed a nice straight line onto Rue de Grenelle, right into the new Celine Store. Can you blame a girl? Or as Andrew deadpanned at my little discoveries - Oh, great.

But more on that later, I'll be sharing my Paris diary in several parts, including our brief but satisfying stay in London in this new section of the blog:



As much as I can't wait to visit Paris again soon, am still a New York City girl at heart and happy to be back home.

New York, I love you.

Paris, moi aussi, Je T'aime.

Paris vs. New York, a tally of two cities


{All watercolor, handwriting and photos by me. All Illustrations by me, from the sketchbook I kept during the trip.}

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