Another Afternoon



I wanted to do a separate post for this other half of the 6th,

especially just because of the Dries Van Noten Store.


DRIES VAN NOTEN / 7, Quai Malaquais / Upon entering the store of my dreams, I loved the glass enclosed "bookshelves" that act as part of the store window. When we went, there were color blocked hologram squares on the shelves but I am assuming that these things change with each collection. Inside, the store has such an incredible worn in feeling, like you are entering a house. There's a room with a couch that feels like a living room and several nooks where there are no clothes hanging. Just gorgeous antique furniture or a simple space that looks over another. Everything has that layered and mixed touch that Dries does so perfectly, but it's never too much.

 Just enough, like with the yellow curtains. Who knew I could love yellow curtains so much.

I wanted to so badly to take photos but it didn't feel right and at the same time I really didn't want to. If you ever go, it's better when it's surprise. And I liked just leaving it up for me to remember later.

One detail I loved so much in the store was a small bright yellow vase with a hot pink flower, standing in front of all of the predominant black and white patterned pieces from the collection.


After circling the store several times trying to soak in all of the details, 

 I ended up taking home a soft colored blocked sweater.

 Later in New York at Bergdorfs (where the Dries area is modeled to look like the Paris store),

I got a pair of Dries lace up heels on sale

that has little bits of bright yellow coloring in the trim when it catches the light...


MUSEE D'ORSAY1, rue de la Legion d'honneur / Down the street from the Dries store, you can't miss it with the big beautiful clock on the front of the building. We caught the 'Beauty, Morals and Voluptuousness in the England of Oscar Wilde' exhibit, some of the paintings from the exhibit mixed in above.

BERTHILLON/ 29-31 rue Saint Louis en l'ile / Not part of the 6th, but also a close walk from the Dries store on the Île Saint-Louis where you can get the most incredible bowl of ice cream and drown your sorrows of wishing to buy that Dries wrap jacket with the one fur lapel. I especially loved the icy silver scallop edged bowls the ice cream is served in. 


Heading over the river now, I'll post some of my favorite places from the Marais soon.


{1. All Watercolor and Illustrations by me. 2. All photos of the Dries Windows by me. 3. Sainte Cécile by John William Waterhouse 4. My new Dries Sweater, photo by me. 5. Dries Van Noten Dresses via Vogue. 6. My new Dries Shoes, photo by me. 7. The Hay Field by Thomas Armstrong. 8. From the Île and a drawing on a wall by our hotel Thank you to Delphine in Paris for letting me know that this random chalk drawing I found is by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac! Photos by me.}

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