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Following the excitement of my Illustrations featured in the GOOP NYC App

that just launched yesterday and continuing my last post about favorite Holiday set ups in Paris/London,

here is my favorite pick for New York City...





NEW YORK / ICESKATING RINK AT THE STANDARD848 Washington Street  New York, NY 10014

My first encounter this year with the Iceskating Rink at The Standard was at the Milk Studios Christmas Party last weekend. Milk rented out the rink for the party, but tipsy and not properly attired should I bite the dust (which was highly probable... please excuse the late into the night blurry iPhone shots from this open bar fête), we re-visited during the daytime.

This time, dressed more appropriately...


 1. These are a few of the Isabel Marant Pieces I got in Paris. A super soft gray Isabel Marant 'Anders' Sweater, a gray Isabel Marant 'Azuli' Coat and a gray Isabel Marant 'Ghazo' Scarf...  Can you tell I really like the color gray?

 2. Also a pick from Paris, I got a pair of all leather Converse high tops in Black from Le Bon Marche. The best part is that they are lined in shearling! Your feet stay super warm and paired with some Madewell High Riser Black Jeans, it's the best off day combination. 

 3. Recently, I haven't left my house without my Celine Cat Eye Sunglasses plus with the cold, can't leave without a hat and gloves. Marc Jacobs makes the best inexpensive simple cashmere hats and J.Crew makes the best leather gloves that will last forever. Plus they are lined in cashmere... Can you tell I really like that extra layer in the winter?




Up only for the holidays, the rink is a smaller and less crowded option than Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center or Central Park. Avoid the crazy tourists and then take a walk on The Highline with some cinnamon spiked Hot Chocolate. The Highline is also a bit more quiet now than in the summer and looks more like a pretty meadow without it's green.

There's no strung lights or baubles up there, but the flashes of pink flowers and red shrubs peeking through give some hints of cheer.








{All Illustrations, Handwriting and Watercolor by me. All Photos above by me and Andrew.}



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