An Afternoon In




Some of the places we visited in the Marais, where we spent not one but two afternoons in.

Photos and drawings from my travel sketchbook,

the souvenirs and addresses I collected...


1. Watercolor by me. 2. Postcard I scanned and pictures I took from the Robert Mapplethorpe Show at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, curated by Sofia Coppola.

GALERIE THADDAEUS ROPAC / 7, rue Debelleyme / Hidden behind a large heavy door, it's a small but breathtaking space. So happy to have caught the Robert Mapplethorpe Show above, it was definitely a highlight.

GALERIE EMMANUEL PERROTIN / 76, rue de Turenne / Also a pretty space, here a Murakami 'Homage to Yves Klein' exhibit. The entrance alone to the gallery is really beautiful.

GALERIE YVON LAMBERT / 108, rue Vielle du Temple / New York has this gallery too, always a good stop for contemporary art. The Paris gallery has a great little bookstore.

GALERIE ALMINE REICH9, rue Saintonge / I wanted to go here as well, but it was closed for the holidays when we went. Next time!


1. On the corner, Lacroix's Hotel du Petit Moulin,  photo by me. 2. My Isabel Marant Gilbert Tuxedo Jacket, photo by me. 3. Collage by me, using Sandro lookbook images and photo/watercolor by me.

ISABEL MARANT / 47, rue de Saintonge / Obvi had to go to Isabel Marant. The Isabel Marant here in New York is a lot bigger than the ones in Paris, but I was still really excited to go anyway since I caught the first day of sale and Isabel already costs less to get in Paris. I made it out with a ton of things, especially happy to get a basic black slim Tuxedo Jacket with satin lapels that was sold out here in the city.

Since I'd already treated myself to quite a bit of shopping at this point, I didn't buy anything at any other shops except for a few Vintage pieces. But it was still good to peruse through other French-y stores like Vanessa Brunoand Sandro, which are along the way... There are so many great shops that lie on or along rue Vielle du Temple

As for the Vintage stores - which were surprisingly amazing! So refreshing, as I've given up on thrifting here in New York City. All of the vintage pieces I found were around 10-15 euro, some even designer. There's a nice cluster of Vintage shops on rue des Rosier... 

FREE P STAR / 8, rue Ste-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie / Along the way to rue des Rosier, all of the vintage I ended up getting was from this chain. They have another shop, FRIPES STAR on rue de la Verrerie and that is also worth a look (this is not in the Marais, plus there is another good vintage store on this street.) 


1. A '81 copy of Interview Magazine when Andy Warhol was still the publisher,  that I got from Les Archives de la Presse. 2. Tea and cake at Rose Bakery. 3. At 0fr. 4. Walking around, all photos by me. 

LES ARCHIVES DE LA PRESSE / 51, rue des Archives / An incredible shop, which specializes in vintage magazines from every decade. Andrew had given me a bunch of vintage Vogues from here when he went to Paris for work, so I was excited to look through for myself and find some gems.

0FR. / 20rue Dupetit-Thouars / Really loved this bookshop slash gallery. Also some great finds here with books, which I'll post sometime...

CANDELARIA52, rue de Saintonge / Cute little taco spot where you can take a break from all of the French food, reminds me of something that would be here in New York City.

ROSE BAKERY30, rue Debelleyme / Also super cute, I loved that they served my tea with a tiny brownie.

Previously mentioned, MERCICafe and Boutique.


1. In the market, all photos by me. 

LE MARCHES DES  ENFANTS ROUGES39, rue de Bretagne / Heard so many great things about this market. We didn't get to eat from any of the stands but we took a stroll through. If only I lived here...


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