New Portfolio Website



So happy to finally announce my official portfolio website:


The site houses over 400 Illustrations I've completed during the past year!

I still can't believe I've done that many. It is primarily all of my commissioned work in full detail, much more than I've posted here on the blog. There were quite a bit of outtake Illustrations for each project, which I haven't ever shared on Decade. Please respect these drawings - I kept going back and forth about having the site only available for clients but in the end decided that I would like to be able to share my work with everyone. 

 The site also houses a bit of my sketchbook (which is still linked to my complete flickr sketchbook) and a full scrapbook that will serve as a complete archive for all of the collages I've done for the blog since it began in 2009.

Many thanks to DOMAHOKA for helping me set up the site and thanks to you for following along. I've already got some fun projects lined up for the new year, hope you'll stick around for more.









Bernadette Marie