Notes: Very Truly


What is your vision of a perfect life?   

Discovering your calling and where you belong, but at the same time getting to experience new opportunities and see far off places. Being healthy and having people in your life with hearts of gold. Finding that one person you can come home to, to share all of your dreams and fears without even having to say a single word.    

What is your philosophy on Fashion?    

Pretend like you are in a French New Wave Movie.    

What fuels your passions?    

Chapter One from Rainer Maria Rilke's Letters To A Young Poet has the answer to this question in words far more eloquent than I could ever say. You can read it here.    


The website Nosyeux asked me these questions and these were my answers. Other things on my mind, a batch of pictures that's been up on my bulletin board:    

Andrew and I recently watched the documentary Blank City, which reminded me that I should re-watch Permanent Vacation. I liked that Blank City tied in James Nares, a few months ago I caught his show 1976: Films and Other Works at Paul Kasmin Gallery. Toyin Ibidapo's Cult of Boys series. In an old Apartamento Issue, Valentine Fillol-Cordier at home. Am excited to start up the little back balcony garden. Yesterday was our first teaser of Spring, I always love when the weather turns from winter because the city collectively celebrates it. Sky was so blue and it was warm enough to no jacket. Everyone wanted to eat outside. Windows rolled down in the taxi and music playing from cars nearby.

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