Birthdays are for


Added Deborah Turbeville: The Fashion Pictures to the book collection since Andrew's Birthday was this weekend. Because he's a Texas boy there was Bowling, BBQ, Beer and Basketball involved; all in that order. The flourish to the day was a dinner at the newly minted Nomad Hotel Restaurant. Jacques Garcia (Hôtel Costes in Paris is one of the notches in his belt) did the Interior Design and Daniel Humm from Eleven Madison Park runs the Restaurant at Nomad, so I was really looking forward to checking it all out. Besides the actual dinner with standouts like the Roast Chicken for Two, I loved the dark walls with pressed flowers and herbs from Deyrolle. They also transported a giant fireplace from France into a red walled sitting room with decoupage flowers and built up a dark wood paneled library that you can have drinks in.

How beautiful are the rooms? I would love to stay at the hotel, bring a little typewriter and read books in a freestanding tub.

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