Fox Trot


The weather has been so amazing. Some pictures I snapped of a little fox on our couch and getting to see the patterns of lights on the walls if you wake up at six in the morning. In an effort to be able to enjoy the outdoors during the afternoon, I've been getting my day started earlier than usual to get all of my work done.

Walking Rocky in the mornings, we were curious to see what would become of the ground floor space being renovated a couple blocks away. Turns out it is the most beautiful bar and it opened this week. So we checked out Donna other night and with Diner/Marlow next door it's even more reason to never have to leave the vicinity of our street. I still can't get over how perfectly balanced the interiors are, I especially love the white vaulted ceilings, such a good call rather than the usual pressed tin.

Another good incentive for getting work done early is being able to do breakfast or lunch meetups, last week was with the amazing Lizzie and Kathryn at Lizzie Fortunato Jewels. They share their studio with lovely Elisa and Tracey at Dieppa Restrepo, which meant leaving their office with two new pairs of lace up oxfords. I've been wearing them both all week without socks, nows the perfect time.

Bernadette Marie