Shade my eyes and I can see you


It's been raining this past week, not good for wanting to wear new sunglasses but good for the new group of plants out on the back balcony - parsley, cilantro, chives, lavender, tarragon, mint, basil, rosemary, sage, thyme, nasturtiums, ranunculus, strawberries, ivy and poppies. The only plants from last years round that made it through the winter were the succulents and the good ol' jade tree. Last Spring was our first time trying our hand at a balcony garden and this time around I did a few things differently. These are some of the little things I've learned about container gardening:  

- Instead of planting four different kinds of herbs in one large pot I kept it to three since the plants grew so much larger than expected. Thyme is a creeping plant so it is good to plant it with rosemary and sage since they keep to themselves.

- Always grow mint in its own container. It is an invasive plant and will overtake the entire pot, so give mint its own large space. I also kept basil to its own pot this year, it is not an invasive plant but likes to spread out and grow really tall.

- Parsley and cilantro are also quick to grow, this we kept together in one large pot with chives. I love the look of these three together, they end up looking really wild and green.

- The blossoms on nasturtiums are edible. You can drop some into a bowl of soup, risotto or fold into softened cheese or butter for a peppery kick.

- Succulents can regenerate from one single leaf. If you come across a leaf of a succulent plant you like or if you ask someone for a leaf you can propagate it and grow your own plant.

- Ranunculus flowers are great as contained plants. Once you cut the flowers off, they last a long time in a tiny bud vase. Don't be afraid to cut, one little plant can yield as many as ninety flowers.


Wishing I had a real in ground garden and backyard to care for.

I put this article up on my tumblr of Helena Christensen's incredible upstate New York home. I've had it on my inspiration board forever and working with Suzy reminded me to post it - she did the makeup! Love Helena Christensen's interior design style, also admiring Mark Borthwick's house full of indoor plants (above) and Isabel Marant's country home (also on my tumblr). Someday...