The good flower wine


"Once in a while she'd give me some lilacs to take home and they were always fine-looking lilacs, and I always felt good, Walking down the street, holding the lilacs high and proud like glasses of that famous children's drink: the good flower wine."

-Richard Brautigan



Pulling color inspiration from some pictures that I like, the film stills are from "Les Biches" by Claude Chabrol. This was one of the first movies that I blogged about long long ago, I recently re-watched it and the images and tones in movie seem so fresh to me again.

Never realized how much I really love the color lilac - recently got a lilac colored open back Carven "honeycomb" sweater. Sitting along some of my favorite rings, Alicia found this beautiful antique Victorian Opal ring at Erie Basin and gave it a home with me. Extra hearts because it is my birthstone.

The sweater is my first Carven pick this season, I've been trying to be really good with waiting to buy things I've been coveting til sales start at the end of the month. There are so many things I want. You know you have a problem when sale day at Barneys is marked on you calendar!