Would like to try to incorporate more food into this space as much as I can, so inspired lately by Mimi Thorisson's incredibly beautiful blog, Manger. It is refreshing to find such an original blog, it has been one of my daily reads since Miss Moss posted about it. I very quickly mentioned Mimi's blog a while ago on my tumblr, along with a photo of her Steak and Béarnaise recipe. Worthy of a more proper post, I highly recommend her site. Like my forever favorite Ina Garten, Mimi's presentation pushes beyond into a lifestyle. Her life is in a place where I one day hope to be, in the countryside with kids and lots of dogs (14 of them!).

I am also drawn to her choice of recipes because of the minimal and pure use of ingredients, indicative in personal favorites like eggs and soldiers and a simple raw radish spread. Would love to one day attempt Mimi's recipe for Garden Cake.

Bernadette Marie