Notes: Rose Parade


"Those days, filled so easily with your petty cares, recalled your glass cabinets, too narrow to contain the thousand pointless and precious knick-knacks that you loved. We used to meet every night in the best lit, most sonorous houses in town, where we would dance. Sleep would later carry me into the day and often the ringing of the telephone would wake me up: 'Look out the window,' you would say, 'I am sending you a beautiful cloud!'"

- Paul Morand, Tender Shoots



A cloud of needed inspiration happened when I went to go visit Lucian Freud: Drawings at Acquavella Galleries (such a beautiful space) before it closed out (thank you E, for the recommendation xo). I haven't had a chance to do some proper drawings because of some client projects, but have some ideas and looking forward to doing some later this week.

I love the way Freud creates texture with pencil and my favorite image from the show was put on the exhibit postcard. Here on my desk with some other things  - Chanel's Mica Rose (a little gift from Andrew for putting up with basketball playoff season) and my current read. The matted paper cover is so perfect - in the summer I love light pocket sized books you can take around and these beautiful editions by Pushkin Press are just right.