1 Strawberries growing in our container garden


Strawberries everywhere

My favorite way to enjoy these summer beauties that is a nice change from eating them plain or as the usual yogurt topper is as a Crostini. So easy, you just toast slices of crusty bread (ciabatta or a sesame loaf will do) with a little bit of olive oil. Spread a layer of ricotta, add some sliced strawberries, a bit of neutral tasting greens, hit with another drizzle of oil and a tiny sprinkle of salt/pepper on top. You can also do this without strawberries, add honey and fresh thyme with the ricotta and it's just as good.


Here to share with table settings I've been slowly collecting from my favorite kitchenware shop, Brookfarm General Store - the berry bowl, napkins and tumblers. These classic Duralex Gigogne tumblers are the best, they remind me of Paris.

Bernadette Marie