Bookshelf: How Can I


" The front room he leads me into is crowded with flowers.' Get rid of them? How can I,' he sighs, 'they're an extension of my body!' Ah yes, the flowers..." - Interview with Morrissey in The Face, 1984.




in our black bedroom


Moz + Tulips

A few weeks ago Andrew sent me a surprise text

that he got us Morrissey Tickets at Radio City,

signed off with five emoji smiley faces and one crying face.

Can't wait til October to see this charming man.


Cy + Tulips

Our road trip lead us to some great used bookstores upstate.

Added a few more titles to my little Cy Twombly book collection,

always an exciting discovery especially when it includes his photographs .

(I posted about his photographic work a long time ago here)