Pancakes, Road Trips and Summer


Feels good to see that flash of yellow cab, back in the New York groove.  We've been on countryside and beach time for the past few days, doing a road trip from the deep woods of upstate to the Atlantic Ocean. I don't have any photos yet since we didn't take any digital cameras, just film cameras (though there’s an an instagram or two on my tumblr).

Can't wait to escape again at the end of the month. Whenever July comes around and the heat in the city is so magnified, I get nostalgic for the kind of summer that I grew up with. Dense forests, pancake breakfasts in rickety houses with screen doors, cold swimming holes, weeping willows, roadside farms and old fashioned ice cream stands. Driving through small back roads and no matter how many times we've driven down Route 27, the brambly trees finally opening up into the ocean gets me every time.

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