Seashell Eyes


“I saw an exquisite red and blue shell on the sea-bed. I dived for it, and held it, smooth and empty, in my hand all morning. I decided it was a lucky charm, and that I would keep it. I am surprised that I have not lost it, for I lose everything. Today it is still pink and warm as it lies in my palm...”


Evident from the growing amount of shells and rocks I keep each summer, I think this way about all of the random things I come across. To put among these finds I finally unwrapped the candle that Tiffany from Curio Noir generously sent to me.  The candle is so beautiful  - Vetyver is my all time favorite and I will be sure to save the yellowed candle glass for some flowers when it’s through.

Have been feeling especially lucky lately – working on projects like crazy then had an unwinding weekend cooking a big brunch at our place for three lovely friends early Saturday morning, late night dinner at Romans, a new Woody Allen movie and a little shopping (of course).  There was some due celebration of a very exciting milestone – Alicia opened a bottle of champagne brought back from Reims and Andrew got me a new Celine Trio as congratulations. Sand-colored and mine, I will tell you soon.

CinemaBernadette Marie