City Escape: Pollock


"In 1946 Guggenheim lent Pollock the down payment on a small homestead in The Springs, a rural hamlet near East Hampton, Long Island. Before moving to The Springs, his imagery had been congested, his colors somber, and the general mood of his paintings anxious and conflicted. Soon after establishing his studio in the country, however, his colors brightened, his compositions opened up, and his imagery reflected a new responsiveness to nature." 

On a day not meant for beaching, we drove by Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner's house in East Hampton. The house wasn't open yet to visitors but am looking forward to paying another visit and actually going inside the studio. For now I was only able to take a peek at the exteriors.  I stepped out of the car and at my foot there was a giant hawk feather sitting on the ground, something felt kind of right anyway about being there when you shouldn't have.