Notes: The Sun Is Up



"She could make any mark but she never fell in love with one, just the speed of it."


Also out East, there are always big buckets full of sunflowers at the stands dotting the roads in between the places that I'd like to visit one of these days. On the way home we passed by a couple of these spots, Glenn Horowitz's Gallery and Harper's Books (thank you E for the recommendations xo).

Glenn Horowitz had over a hundred pieces of incredible Virginia Woolf manuscripts and letters amongst glittery Paula Hayes drawings and terrariums. At Harper's Books, I wish I could have every single book there.

Added a few new titles to our collection, an Ellsworth Kelly and Joan Mitchell book. Have wanted a Joan Mitchell book for a while now, this is my first. Was fitting then for it to be a painfully beautiful copy of Sunflowers.

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