Today was supposed to be our second day out in Tulum, our flight was one of the thousands that got cancelled last minute during the aftermath of the terrible hurricane. Losing the flight was a headache to reconcile but really is just the tiniest of worries seeing how people's lives were completely turned upside down by the storm. I am incredibly grateful that my family and friends are safe! We were able to reschedule our trip to the end of November, now I'm looking forward to it more than ever.

So Halloween ended up being super low-key. My little bag was all packed, ready instead for Día de los Muertos and channeling a costume of Jean Seberg on the beach. Whenever I pack for warm weather I've found it useless to bring too many things. I always think W.W.J.D: What Would Jean do (the J is interchangeable with Jane Birkin).

Jean as Cécile, with her bright yellow bathing suit, oversized chambray men’s shirt tied at the waist and tortoise sunglasses. All this needs is a coconut with a straw... soon.

Thoughts of bright yellow sunshine to you and hoping all is sound wherever you are.


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