Art Show: Calm and Collected


The very first thing I did when I got back home to New York was head uptown for an early meet up with Alicia for our traditional girl’s sale shopping day at the big B’s – Barneys and Bergdorfs. Shopping days are something that I look forward to because in a very strange way it’s extremely calming. A visit up the street to the Madison Avenue Gagosian, where there is an incredible Cy Twombly photograph exhibit, was another good way to put myself back at ease in the city.

I’ve collected a bit of books focused just on his photographs, each with a different assortment. So what I loved most about this exhibit that spans fifty-five years was the strongly curated succession of photographs and the story it told as you make your way around the room. It starts with a burst of tulips, the iconic peonies, comes to a high point of electric citrus, the low of the lonely statue, a delicate shade of tree... then the ending which I won’t spoil because you should really see it for yourself if you can.