Print On Print


New Illustration Work:

The M.I.H. 2013 Pre-Spring Collection just launched, which features a series of textile designs that I illustrated and painted for M.I.H.

It’s very exciting to have my work transformed into something that can be worn. The M.I.H. design team did an amazing job making sure each tiny irregularity and imperfection in my paint splatters was replicated on the gorgeous silks and denim. For the jeans, each design was hand printed in Italy onto the denim, so that it looks like actual paint was brushed on the surface.

What originally started out as a design for a couple of square scarves, turned into a project for full fabrics with a hand painted bandana print, burgundy polka dots and a print inspired by waves.  My prints were placed on blouses, styles of the “Breathless” jean and simple white t-shirts. Coordinating sweaters were made to compliment the colors of the illustrations and the bandana print was also used for the lining of leather blazers as a final touch.

I received the actual products in the mail earlier this week and in perfect timing, Vanessa Jackman recently posted her beautiful backstage photographs from the look book. I met the M.I.H. team all because of a sketch I did based on a photo by Vanessa, from her last M.I.H. shoot. So it was great to have everything come full circle. As Vanessa mentioned, the M.I.H. team is so wonderful to work with, it's lovely to be a part of such a creative group and have the pieces of clothing to show for it.

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