Notes: Untitled


"Usually when someone says a thing is too simple, they're saying that certain familiar things aren't there, and they're seeing a couple maybe that are left, which they count as a couple, that's all. But actually there may be those couple of things and several new things to which they aren't paying attention. These may be quite complex."

– Donald Judd

Stopped by the Dan 
Flavin and Donald Judd exhibit at the new David Zwirner building over the 
weekend. Only two of the five expected presentation floors are open for now,
 but the beautiful Judd sculpture makes the visit worth it. I see this same kind
 of grounded minimalism in the kind of dressing I am drawn to lately – it’s in 
an old photo of Lee Radziwill, always chic (her recent interview with Sophia Coppola I
 enjoyed); a handsome man with a nice watch and faded blue jeans.