Dress Up, Flora


Excited to share this textile design project that I worked on for Dress Up, by Stephanie Downey. If posed with the question of what my ideal collaboration would be, I would answer with this…

This 'Flora' collection was inspired by Stephanie’s memories from her childhood, particularly of the native flowers growing in her parent’s garden in Australia. Stephanie had sent a mood board with all of these flowers, many of them foreign and strange to me but all very beautiful.

Protea was the most familiar but also a challenge to understand and paint. I also illustrated the zigzag leaves of the Banksia plant to be used as a complimentary stripe to the floral print. With my prints, Stephanie created the most amazing silk jumpsuit, sheer silk georgette pants, a kimono, shorts, tops and dresses so perfect for summer weather, anywhere.

More to come with this collaboration!

Thank you, Stephanie x