Palette Places: Marfa I

"In the summer there are twelve cottonwoods around the pool, which in the winter become an elevated thicket. There is also a courtyard with a small garden of plants that stay green all year. The winter is bleak. This place is primarily for the installation of art, necessarily for whatever architecture of my own that can be included in an existing situation, for work, and altogether for my idea of living."–Donald Judd, 1985


The highlight of my Marfa trip was taking a tour of Donald Judd’s first private residence and studio in Marfa, known as The Block (La Mansana de Chinati). This space in particular includes his two personal libraries housing 13,000 books, which I had seen photos of and always wanted to visit someday…

We were lucky to have been a part of a tour that allowed visitors to enter and look around the libraries, which wasn't permitted in the past. It was a real eye opener. Experiencing an innermost placement of art beyond a white walled gallery, the tour included three studios filled with Judd's invented furniture and early large-scale work.  All amongst untouched personal ephemera, with so many rocks and shells carefully placed throughout.

There were no photos allowed inside the compound, so I took some quick notes in my pocket notebook. Though difficult to put into words, hoping to remember just how stunning everything was. Looking forward to the Spring Street residence here in New York opening up for viewing very soon.