Palette Places: Tulum Getaway

“I notice this as I live day to day, observing and feeling what goes on both inside and outside myself, certain aspects of what is happening adhere to me, as if magnetized by a center of psychic gravity. I have learned to trust this center, to rely on its acuity and to go along with its choices although the center itself remains mysterious to me… it is exhilarating.”Anne Truitt, Daybook  

Tiny snaps from Tulum…

all taken on an iPhone 5s. I ended up not taking any cameras with me in an effort to pack very lightly and to experience Tulum a second time without feeling like I had to take a photo of everything. Some things I wanted to just keep in my mind. Though I still took way too many pictures of palm trees.

The main reason for our trip was our friend’s beautiful wedding at Be Tulum. Andrew and I were still able to catch plenty of time to ourselves, we stayed at the same hotel we were in last year. The day before we left was spent waking up to one of those amazing Tulum breakfasts that I love, reading, swimming out into the warm ocean past where the waves break so you could float in the clear blue water, eating too many tacos for lunch, more swimming and then dinner with friends. I think that was one of the few times Andrew and I have both agreed - it was a perfect day.