Hotel Life: Park Hyatt Tokyo

I admit that part of me wanted to stay at the Park Hyatt Tokyo because I love Lost in Translation. Now I can see why Sofia Coppola calls it one of her favorite places in the world…


We planned to treat ourselves to one night at Park Hyatt on our last day before going back to New York, the icing on our Tokyo cake. Fortuitously, we ended up staying three nights. A miss-step in our itinerary before leaving for Naoshima and Kyoto left us with two nights without a hotel in Tokyo, so we booked those extra days at Park Hyatt on a whim.


I’m so glad we made that call, because the hotel in itself is a part of the good memories we have of Tokyo. Everything about the hotel is amazing. You could count the ways: the hazy view of Mount Fuji as you eat breakfast in your big room, the sky pool and excellent gym spa with its amenities (all the Aesop, tea and magazines you want), the generous walk-in closet, the television in the bathroom with a deep tub that overlooks the city, the silver Tiffany room key, the newspaper slipped under the door in the morning, the large in-room bar with tiny bottles of Yamazaki whiskey, the automatic curtains that open up to the skyline at night, the comfortable silence from busy Tokyo.


It feels like a separate dream world, where everything you need is there. The impeccable service and attention to detail here is what makes Park Hyatt Tokyo so stellar. The concierge is incredible, they can make last minute reservations anywhere in Tokyo or help with any kind of planning. Because everything is taken care of, you might not even be in the mood to leave much, just like in the movie. One night, we had a little dinner in our room where we just brought back food from the stunning Isetan Food Hall, which is nearby. The hotel is a nice walk to the heart of Shinjuku where you can play some late night arcade games or get a quick bowl of ramen.


But my favorite thing to do at night was to have a drink at the hotel’s New York theme jazz bar. With all rooms located above the 41st floor and the bar all the way on top, the infamous views are just beautiful. We spent all of our nights with a nightcap sitting by the bar windows. I did try the L.I.T, the drink named after the movie. Some truly happy nights, feeling like I was back home in New York, with all of Tokyo glittering below.


Film still, Lost In Translation. All photos and handwriting by me.