Travel Notes: Paris in the Spring

I had never been to Paris in the Spring. What more is there to say about Paris? It was so beautiful...


This time around, I loved the Dries Van Noten: Inspirations exhibit and Atelier Brancusi at The Centre Pompidou, which we didn’t have a chance to see before.


It had been two years since our last visit and it was funny to see the same names of places on everyone’s list of recommendations for our trip. Nanashi, Bob’s Cold Press, The Broken Arm, Holybelly, Ten Belles, Télescope (with Kunitoraya next door) and Bones, all of which were great, especially Bones I loved (there is an excellent record shop, Heartbeat, just down the street). Before staying at our usual hotel in St. Germain, we also stayed at Hôtel du Temps for a few days, giving us a chance to hang out in the 10th and 11th. To have long, late dinners at places we’ve been wanting to try like Le Dauphin, L’Floréal and Chez Moustache.


But of course it was the routine places that I loved re-visiting, doing a little shopping and what seemed like the longest afternoons relaxing in the parks. Just walking through the beautiful streets, clearing my head of any worries and not wanting to leave.

All photos by me.