Palette Places: Tokyo, III

Everything else…  


The last of my Tokyo diary, but really just the beginning of my interest in re-visiting Japan again in the future. There is still a list of places and other neighborhoods I didn’t get to visit that I hope to someday.


Having spent most of our days in Daikanyama, Naka-Meguro, Aoyama and Gaienmae, we were able to touch on other neighborhoods briefly. Though our time was limited and I missed a lot, we were still able to find plenty to love. Even just visiting the 7-11, Natural Lawson, the colorful vending machines on every other street and walking through the streets at night was a trip. This is what we saw:


Continuing from my last post, Aoyama leads straight into HARAJUKU


  1. Meiji Shrine, so beautiful. Emerald green trees, secret wishes and brides in bright tangerine red lipstick.
  2. Yoyogi Park, Rockabilly dancers and roses.
  3. Céline and Isabel Marant, just looking.
  4. Kiddy Land, toys.
  5. Brown Rice Café, healthy veggies and pink sea salt.
  6. Montoak, moody coffee.
  7. Beams Records, small and sweet.




  1. Shibuya Crossing
  2. Tokyu Hands, presents for everyone at home.
  3. Margaret Howell, simplicity at its best, plus rhubarb jam.
  4. Postalco, notebook headquarters.
  5. Little Nap Coffee Stand, kawaii coffee close to the park.
  6. Recofan, massive, records.
  7. No frills dinner at Gonpachi then a walk down the street to JBS Record Bar, a real highlight. Only serves whiskey, pick your own record to play from the wall of 10,000. And he knows exactly where each record is.




  1. 21_21 Design Site, Tadao and Issey.
  2. Louise Bourgeois' Maman spider.
  3. Uoshin Nogizaka, amazing sashimi.




  1. Tsukiji Fish Market, 5 a.m. but worth it. Wake up with coffee at Yonemoto.
  2. Rose Bakery at DSMG, of course.




  1. Imperial Palace
  2. Maranouchi Building, for Loft (stationery), view of Tokyo station and Ropé!
  3. Ramen Alley
  4. Suminoe at Muromachi, amazing family style dinner with friends.




  1. Isetan Food Hall, not to be missed.
  2. Karaoke no Tesujin, a trip to Tokyo wouldn't be complete without costume karaoke late into the night.
  3. Park Hyatt Tokyo, still dreaming about our stay, the bright lights.

All photos, illustrations and handwriting by me.