Beauty Shelf: Is this it



Finding the right shade…  

While out at dinner one night, I saw a girl a few tables down with the best make-up combination – an eye catching pinkish red on her lips, hair pulled back in a simple low ponytail and a dark brown black color on her nails. It looked so great that I wanted to find similar colors, starting first with the lipstick.

I wasn't wearing red lipstick as often then, as much as I love MAC's Ruby Woo it started to feel like too much of a tomato red for me. I also like the idea of having a signature red lipstick, so I wanted something different than everyone else.

My makeup artist friend Sam says there are definitely tips to keep in mind when searching for a red that compliments your skin, but it is really all about trying on. It’s that simple. She suggested go for a matte lipstick, it looks fresher, especially for winter. She also said to not be afraid of colors that appear really bright in the tube, because it can look different on.

It was one of those unsuspecting intense colors that ended up being the one, a rich raspberry toned red from Armani’s Lip Maestro collection. This lip formula is highly pigmented with a velvety matte texture that is so much better than all the other red lipsticks I own. I actually look forward to when I can wear it, I love it so much. I’ll definitely have to try some of the other Armani Lip Maestro shades soon, but for now, this is it.


Color swatches by me: Armani Lip Maestro and Tom Ford Nailpolish in black cherry.