Art Show: My own pool

   The Swimming Pool,   by Matisse. Photo and quote via The MOMA.     

The Swimming Pool, by Matisse. Photo and quote via The MOMA.


One morning in the summer of 1952, Matisse told his studio assistant that “he wanted to see divers,” so they set out to a favorite pool in Cannes. Suffering under the “blazing sun,” they returned home, where Matisse declared, “I will make myself my own pool.” Matisse then cut his own divers, swimmers, and sea creatures out of paper painted in an ultramarine blue. The blue forms were pinned on white paper, which helped define the aquatic ballet of bodies, splashing water, and light.  

I’m really looking forward Wednesday when Andrew has the day off (which is coincidentally our 11th anniversary together) and going uptown to see Henri Matisse The Cut-Outs. I missed out on the chance to go while in London - it was showing at The Tate and we could only choose one London exhibit to stop at. Happy to get this second chance, especially after visiting some of his haunts in Saint-Paul de Vence which I’ll post about soon.