Style Story: Patricija


Patricija is wearing:


  1. J.Crew ribbed knit top, 3.1 Phillip Lim wide leg culottes, Céline bell necklace
  2. Lemaire no collar shirt
  3. Lemaire no collar shirt, J.W. Anderson draped side tie trousers
  4. Chloé keyhole neck-tie blouse, 3.1 Phillip Lim wide leg culottes


Beauty Notes: Look no further than Michelle Phillips circa 1967 for center parted wavy hair perfection. It’s worth revisiting - pair with minimal makeup and the combination is timeless. With her flawless skin and sweetheart personality, Patricija pulls off this girl next-door look beautifully. Eyes are natural by day, add a mysterious wash of dark brown eye pencil for sneaking out at night.


Photography: Andrew Stinson. Creative and Styling by me. Beauty: Samantha Lau. Starring: Patricija Zilinskaite @ The Lions. View in The Stories.