Beauty Review: Serge Lutens

Bottles on the dresser, Illustration by me. 

Bottles on the dresser, Illustration by me. 


While searching for a fragrance to wear on my wedding, I thought it would be a good time to finally delve into the universe of Serge Lutens…

I’ve been wanting to add Serge Lutens to my collection of perfumes. Serge Luten’s fragrances are very personal and subjective, part of the beauty is discovering in person which one speaks to you. With so many complex scents to choose from, it was difficult to pick only one. I ended up just going with my top three, scents that weren’t far away from the ones that I already own. 


1. L’eau is like the perfect white t-shirt, versatile and simple. It’s unisex so I could share with my new husband and because it is minimal it is encouraged that you try layering it under other perfumes. 

2. Slowly and strangely, Datura Noir began to grow on me. This dark beauty is the only scent I own that features coconut, which is perfect for a warm day.

3. I chose one of the fragrances from the cloche series, La Vierge de Fer for my wedding. Simply because it was the one I instantly loved and couldn’t forget. This metallic floral definitely suited the intended occasion but I love this for everyday, especially now that it resembles a memory.